Your grief process is yours alone. It does not start and stop on schedule; there is no timeline, and no right or wrong way to mourn the loss of someone you love.

Stillwater Hospice offers bereavement services to caregivers and families. We have a bereavement counselor on staff to provide short-term grief counseling, including home visits or telephone calls as needed. Trained volunteers may also participate in offering these services, which lasts for more than one year after the time of death.

We also have the ability to connect you to additional resources in your community or local area. This includes referrals to professionals for longer-term counseling as well as information about support groups. Attending and participating in these groups can help you express your grief in a safe way with people who have a unique understanding of what you have gone through. You may also have the opportunity to help others deal with their own grief, which help you find more purpose in your own.