Information for Families & Caregivers

If you are spouse, family member or caregiver of a person with a life-ending condition, we want you to know you are not alone. Stillwater Hospice is here to help and support you and the one you’re caring for every step of the way.

Please know that choosing hospice care for someone you love allows them—and you—to get assistance from a team of professionals. Our goal is to help our patients make the most of the time they have left. It also allows you the opportunity to return to the role of the spouse, child or friend of the person you’re caring for.

Getting Started

Try our survey to determine whether the patient is qualified for hospice care.

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Getting Started

Getting Started

If you have been encouraged to seek hospice care for a friend or family member, we appreciate you visiting our website. We would like to schedule a time with you to meet with a member of our admissions team. During our discussion, you will learn about hospice care eligibility, levels of service and more about the Stillwater Hospice difference.

Caring for Yourself

Caring for Yourself

Being a caregiver can be challenging physically and emotionally. For your own wellbeing, it is important that you ask for help and find ways to care for yourself. By accepting the assistance of a professional hospice team, you can reduce your own stress while ensuring the needs of your spouse, parent or family member are being met. We encourage you to talk with us about counseling which may be available, as well as bereavement services which can assist you prepare for life after hospice.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How can I be sure that quality hospice care is provided?
  • Do state and federal reviewers inspect and evaluate hospices?
  • What happens if I cannot stay at home due to my increasing care need and require a different place to stay during my final phase of life?
  • Can I be cared for by hospice if I reside in a nursing facility or other type of long-term care facility?
  • What role does the hospice volunteer serve?
  • How does the hospice work to keep the patient comfortable?
  • Is hospice available after hours?
  • Will I be the only hospice patient that the hospice staff serves?
  • How does hospice care begin?
  • When is the right time to ask about hospice?

Still Have Questions?

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